Kentucky Derby festival: Latest News

During the Kentucky Derby festivities, there are a lot of things happening, anything from concerts, games, fun, and more. So, while most people are watching the Kentucky Derby live streaming on their preferred streaming service, there will be a big festival during the weekend of the Kentucky Derby.

Kentucky Derby festival Latest News

What is the Kentucky Derby Festival? It is a celebration of spring and the Kentucky Derby with lots of fun and very exciting events for everyone of all ages. There is a huge fireworks display. Its called Thunder over Louisville. It is one of the nation’s biggest annual fireworks displays. There are a half and a full marathon race. There are awesome hot air balloon events. There is a great steamboat race. The race uses historic paddle-wheelers and it takes place on the Ohio River. There is also the Pegasus Parade.

This festival has so much to offer tourists and the locals who love their state. On April 25th, the great balloon fest begins. There are concerts that start on the 25th as well. The concerts run to May 3rd. On April 26th there is a Yoga fest that begins at noon. There is also the Ohio Valley Wrestling Run for the Ropes contest. There is a Ken-Ducky Derby featuring inflated ducks on April 27th, as well as the fitness jam directly after it. There are drag shows, brunches, National Healthy Kids day, Children’s tea festival, Gospel Fest, and much more.

One of the more interesting events is the great bed race. Also, golf outings are always popular too. No matter what you’re into and what your children like, there is a little bit of something for everyone when you come to the Kentucky Derby Festival. There is also a parade, wine tasting, Texas Hold’em Tournament, Louisville City FC Soccer game, Battle of the Bounce, Steamboat races, Urban League Derby Gala, Beerfest, celebrity day, Beastie Boys Tribute band, A huge yard sale, and much more. Don’t miss out on all the fun and excitement. This should be on your bucket list and everyone should go and have this experience at least once in their lifetime.

Monaco Grand Prix Free Live Coverage

On May 23-26th, Monaco welcomes Formula One racers to one of the most beautiful places on earth. Monaco is hosting the Monaco Grand Prix and we couldn’t be more excited. While many people have tickets, while the ones of us who don’t, are looking for ways to watch the race. The Monaco Grand Prix live stream free is available in many places online. If you do not know where to begin.

The Grand Prix of Monaco is a really big deal in sports. It is held once a year. It is always one of the most important and prestigious races in the circuit and in the world. This track has been called very glamorous as well. Enough about the track, what about where to watch the race?

Monaco Grand Prix Free live Coverage

With technology changing every day, there are more apps and services to watch anything on now. It may be easy to find a certain event online to watch, however, the services online aren’t really dropping anything to free anymore.

NBC Sports is airing the race for free, if you are already a subscriber. There are many ways to watch the race live.

In the U.K. you can tune into Channel 4. It is the way to go for today’s free-to-air coverage. The service offers an ALL4 platform that is free and easy to use and access. You can use many different devices to stream this race live in the U.S. These include mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, Smart TVs, and more. You can watch Channel 4 as well for free. In the U.S., NBC is the network that is airing the race live. You can also try using a VPN if you aren’t feeling like going that ordeal. Besides the VPN, there is also ESPN, Sling TV, or Fubo. These services allow you to get every minute of the race.

6 Important Things Need to know about Horse Race

While you have many options to watch the Grand National free live streaming, there may be some important things that you don’t know about the race. We have six important things that you should know about the horse race and horse racing.

Horse racing is one of the oldest of any sport. There have been no changes to this sport or the basic concept. It began as a race of stamina and speed between two horses. It has evolved into racing between more than two horses these days and the electronic monitoring equipment has been brought into play as well. The concept is still the horse that wins the race first is the winner. It’s pretty simple. Now, the horse races have turned into a big money producing way to entertain people.

Grand National Horse Race

Here are six important things to know about horse racing:

  1. A jockey is the rider of the horse.
  2. The horses have a trainer and many others who take great care for it.
  3. The term handicap means a type of horse that carries a different amount of weight according to their ability.
  4. There are two main types of horse racing, flat racing and National Hunt or jumps racing.
  5. The average horse weighs about 1000 pounds or 450 kg. This is a lot less than the average weight of many other breeds.
  6. Breeding plays a huge role in horse racing. Stallions can make their owners millions. Many modern thoroughbreds are inbred, and they can trace their dads back to three horses.

There are a lot of interesting facts about horses and horse racing. In fact, if you are just getting into horse racing, there is a new world of information waiting at your fingertips.